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Despite 1 in 5 people worldwide being affected by dyslexia, 97% of the population still view it negatively. This is because the current definition is outdated, classifying dyslexia as a “learning disability,” an “impairment,” or a “medical disorder.” But in fact, recent research has shown that those with dyslexia outperform other people at a wide variety of skills such as creativity, empathy, leadership, and outside the box thinking - skills that are especially valuable in the workplace.


So we partnered with Virgin and LinkedIn to get “Dyslexic Thinking” recognized as an official skill on the platform. The results from such a simple act were beyond incredible. This campaign fundamentally changed the way neurodiversity is viewed in the workplace, letting thousands of people know that the unique way they solve problems and interact with coworkers is a feature, not a flaw. 

Titanium , Cannes 2022

Silver / PR Social Behaviour, Cannes 2022

Silver / Social and Influencer: Social Purpose, Cannes 2022

Bronze / PR: Media and Entertainment, Cannes 2022

Bronze / Brand Experience & Activation: Corporate Responsibility, Cannes 2022

Bronze / Creative Strategy: Collaboration, Cannes 2022

We also created a launch film to highlight all of the incredibly successful people through history that have/had dyslexia. We then sent this film to targeted HR professionals along with messages encouraging them to consider neurodiverse candidates when hiring. 

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