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Despite the fact that one in four pets in the UK are rescues, there’s still a massive stigma against them. People think they’ll be harder to train than a puppy or a kitten, or that it’s just not as prestigious to own a dog or a cat that hasn’t come from a breeder. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Rescue pets are the best pets. And they all deserve a second chance and a happy home. So we’re going to elevate the category by elevating them to their own breed.


When you go to Battersea, you don’t get a Persian, or a Labrador, or even a mongrel. You get a Rescue. And Rescue is our favourite breed.

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One of Battersea’s main sources of income stems from people leaving gifts in their will. And most rescue charity adverts for this sort of thing are pretty maudlin and depressing. So we set out to create a film that embraced the campaign ethos of #rescueismyfavouritebreed by showing all the positive benefits of such a kind and giving act – rescued cats and dogs being doted on by Battersea staff and loving life in their new forever homes.

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